Black Hair Growth Tips – Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss

It´s true that black hair is affected by breakage more than any other type of hair. This doesn’t necessarily means that black hair has a natural weakness. This type of hair is more vulnerable because of the products people use to treat their hair; all those products contain chemicals that damage the strands, causing them to shed more frequently. Hair being exposed to synthetic ingredients for long period of time will become vulnerable to breakage too. To improve hair growth, consider these black hair growth tips:

Black Hair Growth Tips – Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Black Hair Growth Tips

Stick to products that contain natural ingredients. Many products offer natural ingredients these days. But most of them will offer some natural extracts in the ingredients but will also add harmful chemicals to the mixture. Choose conditioners and shampoos containing essential oils and vitamins—your hair needs them to stay healthy and start growing strong. Vitamins are really important for your hair, lack of vitamins or vitamin deficiencies are directly related to hair loss, breakage and slow hair growth. Look for products with vitamin B as an ingredient; these are great to improve hair growth because this is one of the groups of vitamins needed to grow hair faster. These vitamins will also prevent and stop split ends and breakage.

What to avoid? There are some products you should definitively avoid at all costs. These are the ones containing alcohol, phosphates and sodium, because they will damage your strands, removing essential proteins, which promotes weakness and breakage. Pay attention to the label on your styling products, if you see one of these listed there avoid that product and keep looking for another one.

Conditioning your hair to make it stronger. Conditioning you hair is a good way of preventing breakage. If you condition your hair properly, with natural products, eventually it will get healthier; hair strands will become more resistant to breakage, which will improve hair growth. Coconut oil is a great natural conditioner. Apply it directly on your scalp and use a plastic cap to cover your head. Hair strands will absorb the oil using the heat produced by your head and the plastic cap. Leaving the oil on your head for one hour will provide the protection your hair needs to grow strong.

Eat foods that prevent hair loss. Some foods that prevent hair loss include leaner proteins, such as fish, chicken, low-fat cheese, yogurt, eggs, and almonds. Soy products, such soy milk and tofu are also smart additions to your diet because they are high in protein and low in bad fats.

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