Connection Between Milk And Hair Growth

The basis of the hair is in fact proteins. These make your hair grow and support its health.

Connection Between Milk And Hair Growth

A health diet based on proteins, vitamins, minerals and calcium is what makes skin health and allows it to grow hair and strong nails. Milk is one of the most nutritional drinks and, except having a lot of calcium it also has a lot of proteins. Drinking milk can help your hair grow faster, but this is not the only thing linked to hair growth. Being an important part of a diet, milk and other elements support the hair growth. This is why; a healthy hair begins with a healthy diet and a proper care.

Take into consideration the fact that there are other ways to get proteins if you don’t enjoy drinking milk. For instance, you can eat other foods that have proteins, like meat or eggs. You can also try for cocoa milk that tastes better than regular milk and also gives you some extra calories for energy.

Milk and hair growth are not related only by proteins. In order to grow strong and thick, the hair also needs keratin. This is a special substance that comes from calcium in the mixture with some other compounds. The way that calcium is absorbed in the body is by vitamin D. this acts like a link between the body and calcium that helps it be easily absorbed. Vitamin D is also found in milk but in a very small quantity. So, drinking milk does improve your hair growth and also straightens your nails. The results can be noticed in a few months, but if you have a slow metabolism it could take even longer. Like any other method for hair growth, it works slowly, so don’t expect to have Rapunsel hair in the morning. Milk alone will not help you so you have to use other methods as well.

Final Verdict

Massaging your scalp, nutrition masks, hair cut by less than an inch every month and vitamin supplies are the best things you can do for hair growth. Other than this, there are some hair masks that have the compounds that milk dos, but these are more rapidly absorbed by ingestion (by drinking milk) rather than applying on a mask.

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